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“That we can perceive rhythmical structures in nature, in a painting, in house fronts, in a poem, so that we can grasp and experience with our senses its own forms.. has given us an invaluable enrichment of our faculties to experience”.
Peter Meyer NZZ.

As the title indicates, the idea behind „Dancescapes“ is to dance in landscapes and to it’s corresponding sounds, which also serve as stage settings for 3 dancers Solos. A dance performance and installation acting as a metaphor depicting paradise on earth.
„Dancescapes“ entails the live interaction and manipulation by dancers of audio-visual media. The dance performance is embedded in an Installation setting consisting of video projections of landscapes, video graphics and the live manipulation of sounds. 
The video projections onstage includes videos of dances filmed in the island of Fuerteventura with volcanic and desert landscapes, skies, a garden and seas with corresponding sounds gathered on these locations (wind, palm trees, waves, birds...). 
An important aspect of „Dancescapes“ entails the "Lo-Fi" recordings of extraordinary Saharan Haul music, which could be picked up from the National Radio of the Saharan Republic in the neighbouring Sahara. An important documentation of women, children and elderly singers and musicians of Saharan music recorded in the 80s in Saharaui refugee camps.

„Dancescapes“ is a dance and „road movie“ performance fluctuating between Lo-Fi and Hi-Tech, E-Dance and Land-Art. 

“A fluid, athletic and indeed a sensible dance. Fast movements increases the sounds, quiet gestures reduces them again. Ventura achieves such feats perfectly: motion tracking software makes it possible. Anna Hohler /TANZ.

A Dance-Media Performance for 3 Dancers

Artistic Direction, Choreography,
Video and Audio design
Pablo Ventura

Unita Galiluyo 
Deborah Hofstetter
Wubkje Kuindersma
Arlette Kunz (video)

Um-Murguia/Emsemble Luali

Audio Installation
Andres Bosshard

Audiovisual Interaction Design
Daniel Bisig
Christian Ziegler

Pablo Ventura

Arlette Kunz

Peter Scherz

Life Forms, SoftVNS, Interactive Swarm Orchestra

Lorenzo Pusterla, Christian Glaus

Premiere: Vortragssaal der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Zurich, Switzerland. 15th September 2011.

©Pablo Ventura 2011

In Memoriam Jacinto Brito (†2011)